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User ethics

Enitiatives.org is a platform of public expression where everyone is asked to take part. It is the citizens of the world who make Enitiatives.org!

Nevertheless, in order to guarantee that the debates remain constructive, as well as the long-term stability and viability of the organisation, certain rules apply in all cases.
The traditional rules of courtesy and good manners are required as a basis. Moreover, the following elements are strictly prohibited:

  • Any content infringing the values of the site
  • Any content promoting or supporting the following topics in any way:
    • murder, rape, torture, ill-treatment or any other physical, psychological or verbal violence against people, goods or animals
    • the abuse or ill-treatment of children
  • Rude, untrue, defamatory or blasphematory remarks
  • Incitements to racism or attacks against a person or a minority
  • Content of a pornographic, violent or adult nature
  • Personal content, of promotional nature (publicity)
  • Copyrighted contents
These elements will be immediately removed from the site and their authors banned.


If somebody infringes the basic rules, they will be banned for publication for a period of variable duration. An appeal procedure will be set up later. For the moment, please contact us if you feel that you have been banned without reason.

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