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Member types

Visitors (everyone) can

  • consult and search without restriction
  • download, modify (on their computer), print, sign and send the letters and initiatives
  • contribute to the debates, but must confirm their email address for each new message
  • vote for an Enitiative
Members (registered) can, moreover
  • launch and modify Enitiatives
  • vote for an Enitiative, with more weight than unauthenticated visitors
  • elect and be part of a Working Group, to create the final document
  • contribute to the debates without confirming their email
  • receive information by email, e.g. from the search agents
They must create a profile, and log in before contributing.

Enitiatives is completely free, and we hope to keep it like this!

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Working Groups (WG)

A Working Group is made up of members. Its mission is to write a proposal for a concrete action. If there are more candidates than available places, members will elect the WG.

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