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The typical life cycle of an Enitiative is as follows:

  1. The Enitiative is created on the web site
  2. It is discussed by the visitors, and is voted for by visitors and Active Members (AM).
  3. For national Enitiatives, AM are those which have the voting rights in this country or this area. For Global Enitiatives, all members are AM.
  4. When it reaches
    1. a certain absolute number of votes
    2. a certain number of votes of AM
    3. a majority of positive votes (visitors and AM), a working group (WG) is created and will work out a text by taking into account the opinions expressed on the web site
  5. The text of the WG is submitted to AM for their approval. They will vote to decide if
    a. the text is acceptable for them
    b. if not, they will vote whether a new WG should be elected
  6. If the text is accepted, it will be downloadable on the site and sent to all those who had expressed the desire of it
  7. Everyone can then download the text, personalize it, print it, sign it and send it, either to the WG or to the relevant authorities.

A detailed (graphical) process can be found here

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